Llewellyn – Recapture The Past EP / PLAYRJC063

»Informed by a highly influential early 1980s electronic music classic, the title track literally mind-sets the theme of Llewellyn’s latest release, kicking off with a euphoric vibe and drums shimmering with digital artifacts. At times almost dreamy cinematic pads, upfront with energetic Moroder-esque propelling bass lines, are the sound signatures of Llewellyn’s journey through a warm and synthesizer laden EP, reviving the sound aesthetics of both the post-discoid VHS and today’s club era with a contemporary touch. Finishing off with a laid-back facet, this four track EP contains enough warmth and drive to get you safely through the cold months, into a warm and promising future.

Llewellyn is one of Martin Enke’s producer’s monikers, who is closely associated with the Riotvan crew and also known as Lake People. Past releases can be found on labels like Riotvan, Uncanny Valley, Permanent Vacation, Mule Musiq, and others.« 

A1 Silver Lining
A2 Hunters and Gatherers
B1 Basement Jam
B2 Skripal

Label: Live at Robert Johnson
Catalog: playrjc063
Format: 12“ vinyl and digital
Release: 15 January 2021

EUR 11,30

Llewellyn – Recapture The Past EP / PLAYRJC063Llewellyn – Recapture The Past EP / PLAYRJC063