Ring Earplugs

»Inspired by underground club aesthetics, this round, minimalistic silver hoop frames the ear, creating a striking and assertive look.«

MIGLĖ is a jewellry brand from Berlin, offering unique, made-to-order jewellery for daily and fantastic occasions. Founded by a graphic designer-turned-goldsmith, the label is distinguished by a rich visual language inspired by currents in art and design. The non-gender-specific pieces are a material translation of this conceptual language: single earrings appear as doubled; globe symbols are tilted in an homage to typography; hands fasten chains, referencing the functionality of a bracelet; precious metal is melted and warped into rings – revealing the contingency of the material properties themselves.

This piece is made with reusable earplugs from Happy Ears and comes in three sizes – medium as shown here (white earplug), small (red earplug) and large (black earplug) – to ensure maximum comfort and a secure fit.

Happy Ears are a premium reusable and durable earplugs made in Sweden. Happy Ears are CE certified, indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

EUR 95,00

Ring EarplugsRing EarplugsRing EarplugsRing EarplugsRing Earplugs