Simon Moncler – Data Streams / OCP003

»OCP presents four lysergic equations for the digitized psyche. Simon Moncler and Koga don't play about. Tunes for times when you don't smoke the spliff but it smokes you. When you reminisce about 90s techno, just to realize you can never recognize it as it 'really was'. Any attempt to reflect upon the groove terminates its existence. The future is already over. Linear time is an illusion. Acid is forever.«

A1 Data Streams
A2 Liquified Brain Structures
B1 Equation
B2 Equation (Koga's 241 Dub)

Label: OCP
Catalog: OCP003
Format: 12“ vinyl
Release: November 2020

EUR 12,00

Simon Moncler – Data Streams / OCP003Simon Moncler – Data Streams / OCP003